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March 15th, 2008 · 2 Comments

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Target 5: Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant

fishermans.terrace.extAddress: 4151 Hazelbridge Way #3580, Richmond BC (map)
Phone: 604-303-9739
Dim Sum Menu: Page 1; Page 2

Small – $3.25
Medium – $3.95
Large – $4.65
Kitchen – $5.25

Visit date: March 9th, 2008
Visit time: 11:00 AM


Jason’s ratings –

Steamed dumplings: 75% or 26.25 of 35 possible points
Steamed other: 70% or 10.5/15
Fried & deep fried: 65% or 9.75/15
Baked & sweet: 80% or 12/15
Rice-noodle-veg: 85% or 8.5/10
Other factors (service, atmosphere, etc): 85% or 8.5/10

Jason’s total: 75.5/100 or 75.5%

Des’ ratings –

Steamed dumplings: 75% or 26.25/35
Steamed other: 70% or 10.5/15
Fried & deep fried: 70% or 10.5/15
Baked & sweet: 70% or 10.5/15
Rice-noodle-veg: 70% or 7/10
Other factors (service, atmosphere, etc): 75% or 7.5/10

Des’ total: 72.25/100 or 72.25%

Total Score (averaged across both raters, all variables) = 73.875/100 or 73.875%

Notes from Jason:

For the most recent issue of our Smackdown, the Dim Sum Sunday group decided to try Fisherman’s Terrace at the Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. Fisherman’s Terrace certainly counts as the most swanky of the dim sum restaurants we’ve tried so far, featuring a recently updated room with embossed wood carvings and ornate chandeliers. This dim sum spot was apparently quite highly regarded when it first opened, but its reputation has slipped a bit since, many reporting that the dim sum is now too inconsistent. Bad news for the Terrace, but good news for The Smackdown, which was developed to investigate such controversies.

fishermans.terrace.spreadAs noted above, the space is quite nice and that is matched by a professional and efficient level of service. They also provided serving chopsticks, a bonus the germaphobe in me appreciates when sharing dim sum with several others. Unfortunately, the food did not match the ambiance. The siu mai, while adequate did not burst with fresh shrimp flavor like they did at Come Along Seafood restaurant. The har gao were also fine and I did appreciate how well the wrapper held together, but the shrimp meat inside did not match what I’ve had in the past. A flaky pastry filled with barbeque pork showed immense promise, but they unfortunately came to the table cold. To continue this theme, rice paper crepes (cheong fun) filled with mixed mushrooms just did not achieve the level of meaty mushroom flavor that I’ve had at past smackdowns.

That’s not to say it was all mediocre. I was very impressed by a dish of braised pomelo skin over mushrooms. The texture of the pomelo (like a grapefruit) was different than anything I’ve had and with the slight bitterness of the skin it was both interesting and flavorful. Still, I would have preferred fewer of the salad bar standard button mushrooms it came with, in favor of a more exotic variety. I was also impressed with the sticky rice, which came perfectly cooked, flavorful and with the right balance of meat and rice. More of this kind would have been appreciated, but unfortunately standard fried items like spring rolls and crab balls lacked flavor and texture (i.e., crunch).

All told, Fisherman’s Terrace is certainly not a bad dim sum option. The room is beautiful and the food is certainly adequate. But for the prices they charge and the portion sizes they serve, discerning dim summers should expect more.

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  • 1 degan // Mar 21, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    love the dim sum smackdown! so, so far golden ocean is winning, eh? i’ve heard good things about it, but never been. guess i’ll have to move it up a bit on my list! 😉

  • 2 Jason // Mar 22, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    Hey Degan!

    I’ve been trying to not look at the comparisons yet, because I don’t want to bias myself. I hope it turns out that what I remember being the best is the best, and so on, as it worked out in the phodown. Dim sum has so many more factors though, that I wouldn’t be shocked if it didn’t work out as well.

    I am really getting a good feeling about places I would go back to, and yeah Golden Ocean is up there. Floata and Terrace aren’t. come along i would definitely go back, maybe before golden ocean.

    it’s a tough call.

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