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goodbyeI’m Not There
A Farewell

Originally posted in early October

By Jason Chin
Former Eat Vancouver Editor

Perceptive readers may have noticed a lack of Eat Vancouver posts over the past month. And there is a very simple, but somewhat gloomy explanation: I’ve moved away. Several months ago my PhD advisor decided to accept a job offer at UC Santa Barbara, and in order to remain under his supervision, I opted to join him. It wasn’t an easy decision because over the past four years I grew quite fond of Vancouver, met some dear friends, and lived some cherished experiences. In the end though, it just wasn’t practical that I stay, especially at the point in my degree in which it classes and teaching have yielded way to research and more research.

Of course being who I am, my mind quickly focused on all of the culinary experiences I would be missing out on, and perhaps not have the chance to try again. That’s why some readers may have noticed a strong increase in the number of Chinese restaurants featured on Eat Vancouver. Chinese food is something Vancouver does extremely well, and a cuisine not altogether prominent in Santa Barbara. Hence, the advent of the xiaolongbao-down and the dim sum smackdown. My appetite for these far eastern delights sated (at least temporarily), I not long ago packed up and moved down to Southern California. Since then it has been fun exploring the local dining culture – mostly Mexican food and wine country – but while my stomach has been full, there is certainly emptiness in my heart. It is unavoidable: I can’t possibly continue to edit and write columns for Eat Vancouver while living 1200 miles away.

Fortunately, I seem to have found away to preserve Eat Vancouver, at least in some sense. My good friend Doran Aisenstat has graciously agreed to take over editorship of Eat Vancouver and all the duties that entails. Doran’s knowledge of Vancouver’s culinary landscape is matched by few, coming from a family deeply entrenched in the restaurant industry and having spent 20 years in the business himself. Over several dim sum Sundays, I’ve come to learn that those 20 years haven’t left him completely jaded. He continues to be deeply interested in food and is one of the most adventurous eaters I know. Frankly, he is probably more qualified to run this site than I ever was.

Eat Vancouver was born out of curiosity, a love of food, and a desire to express some of the things floating around in my head in a way that might help direct diners to good restaurants that would provide what they desired. I think I held to those ideals and I believe Doran will continue in this tradition. As for me, it seems as though I have some new adventures to occupy myself with for now.

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